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Life is a Game of Poker

Author and semiretired professional poker player Jim “Cowboy” Childers debuts with a brilliant fiction, philosophy book titled Life is a Game of Poker. This book caters not only players of the world famous card sport but to anyone interested in personal growth and success. Childers adeptly presents the parallel principles behind the game and real life.

Life is one big game of poker. The game’s esoteric nature is incredibly analogous to life. The game reveals the basic truths that life is a game of chance. To play, one must deal with the given. The game leaves no room for haste as it may ruin momentum forever. It flows at a vigilant, cautious pace. The humble desire to win what is enough must not be clouded with the greed to take home everything. It is a not a game of constant wins. Rather it is a constant battle of ups and downs. One decision can ultimately ruin the game. Deliberate steps must be taken into account. It is not the art of reading people’s mind that facilitates winning but the skill of knowing the self downright to foresee what others are up to next.

Childers cleverly utilizes a fiction to convey the principles behind the game. A poker master himself, he takes readers to an insightful adventure of a young man, Dan, who plays his cards and his life with a little help from an older gentleman, Nevada. Dan discovers the most essential lessons in the game called the crash course of life.

“Poker has been compared to a mental boxing match,” says Childers. “It can be a battle of wits and wills of a person. It can be a test of one’s stamina, fortitude, belief system, courage, morals, imagination, intellect, instincts, faith, logic, creativity, intuition, tolerance, and patience—their total character.”

The game does not recognize financial status, race, creed or sex. Once on the table, players are even. It’s up to cards dealt, the best strategy and a tap of luck. Life is a Game of Poker is an outstanding book of the real lessons in life often learned the hard way. Childers grants readers a deep and striking experience to ponder upon with his debut book.